Blog Trailblazers Spain Graham’s Blog - January 2017 I am dedicating this blog to explaining the 125 cc motorcycle law in Spain. Trailblazers are frequently asked if we supply 125 enduro bikes. Many  people are under the impression you can ride these bikes legally in Spain without  a motor bike license. People seem to think the 125 has a lower seat height and that they are easier to ride. Non of this is correct. When a KTM 125 exc  bike  leaves the factory in Austria it is as powerful as an Austria cuckoo clock.  The engine is heavily restricted.  When you buy your exc off the nice man in the motorcycle shop they de-restrict the bike.  The bike will now produce approx 33bhp, which is way over the legal power output. The Guardia Civil are fully aware of this practice.  Therefore you would be riding illegally. Further to the above I have it on good authority that 125 enduro bikes will no longer be made. I have sold the two 125 bikes Trailblazers owned because I do not wish to be the wrong side of the law. I hope you find this information helpful. Best Regards Graham Made with Xara